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Sep 20, 2018

Janney's Next-Gen Advisors: Noah Doyle & Charles Princiotto

Janney’s Noah Doyle, Senior Vice President/Wealth Management, and Charles Princiotto, Vice President/Wealth Management, are putting their mark on the business as next generation advisors through offering clients diverse skill sets, incorporating the benefits of teaming into their practices, and participating in and building on Janney’s culture of excellence.

Noah, who is also an attorney, believes that his diverse educational background and experience allow him to add value to his client relationships. As both a financial advisor and a lawyer, he is able to provide clients with expert advice on important decisions such as estate planning. Charles, who is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, brings a strong background of comprehensive financial planning and helping clients to invest wisely to maximize their finances and support their goals – whether it’s sending a child to college or reaching retirement goals.

“I think it’s important to understand that clients today aren’t just looking to invest,” said Charles. “I believe that we are able to make our mark because we have diverse expertise. We’re constantly learning and building on our education and developing as changes happen in the industry.”

Noah and Charles, who work as part of Janney’s Battery Park Financial Partners group based in New York City, extoll the benefits of being part of a team, noting that it has benefited both them and their clients. Noah said, “The benefits of teaming are great. It’s impossible to do it all – to serve clients, find new clients, do research, stay up-to-date with compliance regulations – without a team. Through teaming, we are able to learn from each other and everyone serves a different role. The outcome is always better for the client when there are more skill sets and resources to tap into,” said Charles.

They credit Janney’s home office support and strong culture as keys to their success. “Janney’s size is a big differentiator. It’s a small enough firm that I can call headquarters and speak to someone directly, but large enough that there is the breadth and depth of resources and platform that we need to best serve our clients,” said Charles. After working at a wirehouse for years, Charles was pleasantly surprised at the personalized support services that Janney offers. “If I ever have a question or issue, I can make a call and speak to someone. That type of support didn’t exist at my last firm.” Noah said, “Whether it’s talking to a research analyst, having the opportunity to apply for awards, or receiving help from marketing – I’ve never had this type of access. It’s been a great experience to have the freedom to run my business and build our brand as we choose, while having so much home office support.”

Noah and Charles were included in Forbes’ 2018 list of America’s Top 1,000 Next-Generation Wealth Advisors, in addition to four other Janney advisors: Ryan Hamilton, Jeremy Lambert, Daniel ‘Mac’ Lynch, and Logan Reed. They were honored to be recognized as leaders who represent the future of the wealth management industry. “It feels good to be recognized,” said Noah. “It’s a testament to working hard and putting others first. It’s a labor of love.” Charles said, “I look back over the past decade and see the growth and success of our business. I’m happy to see that our hard work has led to something good, and am grateful that I was acknowledged.”

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