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Jun 6, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Arlen Klinger

One of Janney’s core values is keeping people at the center – and our employees are putting this mindset into action. Arlen Klinger, Head of Private Client Group Trading at Janney, is leading the pack with his commitment to making a difference in the local Philadelphia communities where many of us live and work. As a board member of the Philadelphia chapter of Rebuilding Together, he is a critical part of the organization’s success in development and fundraising efforts to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners.

Each year, Rebuilding Together brings together 1,200 volunteers who provide free, safe, and healthy home repairs for nearly 100 homeowners. Each renovation project improves several homes located on one block, helping to make repairs that homeowners cannot make on their own, often due to lack of resources or health challenges.

For the second year, Arlen formed a Janney team to participate in the organization’s fundraising event, Run to Rebuild. This year, several branch offices got involved and supported Arlen and his team’s fundraising efforts. The Blue Bell, Wyncote and Bryn Mawr, PA offices all helped the group raise crucial funding that supports rebuilds.

Katie Meurer, Fixed Income Administrative Coordinator, was part of Janney’s team at this year’s Run to Rebuild. She said, “We had fun participating. It was great to have the opportunity to run, fundraise, and support the amazing mission of Rebuilding Together Philadelphia. We are happy to know that our efforts went towards helping create safe and healthy living conditions for families in need!”

Last year, Arlen also formed a Janney group to volunteer for a Friday afternoon Block Build, where groups of volunteers repair a cluster of homes in a Philadelphia neighborhood. Arlen said, “Some of the volunteers had experience while others didn’t. Each team had a leader assigned to them who walked them through their tasks, which was a great way to learn. We laid wood flooring, painted, removed tiles, replaced walls, and fixed safety features like adding handrails to staircases and repairing outdoor light fixtures. It’s fun to get to work with Janney volunteers, and to get to know each other outside of work while improving people’s lives.”

He explained that the rebuilding projects are not simply a feel-good exercise, but that they drive significant change in communities. “Often these homes are owned by low income families with multiple generations living under one roof. There may be safety issues such as uneven flooring, which makes it difficult for older people to move about the home, or mold from water damage, which affects children with asthma.” He continued, “The owners are so grateful to us for helping and it’s amazing to see the progress from start to finish. Once a block is completed, the owners show a real sense of pride in their homes and their community. It’s really transformative. These small changes add up to big results, helping to lower crime and making our city a safer place.”

Last year, Janney’s Rebuilding Together team included employees from across the firm including Marketing, IT, Capital Markets, Compliance, Wealth Management, and Operations. Arlen said, “Many of the people who we help pay it forward by volunteering with Rebuilding Together and helping others. This isn’t a handout. We make connections that have a lasting impact on these communities. It’s important to show that we care about our neighbors and it’s good for our city long term.”

For Arlen, working with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia is a meaningful experience. “Most of us are very fortunate and it’s easy to take that for granted. Working with these communities helps me put everything into perspective and focus on what’s important in life. Helping people is part of my fabric, and it’s great to see Janney support that. Rebuilding Together has been a rewarding team building activity and it’s great to give back.”

In October 2018, Janney volunteers will join Rebuilding Together Philadelphia for its second annual Block Build.

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