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May 8, 2018

Branch Spotlight: Goldsboro, NC

When Janney opened its Goldsboro, NC branch office in 2017 by welcoming Jesse Parks, Senior Vice President/Satellite Branch Manager, and Jeffrey Jackson, Senior Vice President/Wealth Management, it was like “getting the band back together,” said Jesse. The two met over 25 years ago when they both worked together before Jesse and Jeff went to separate independent advisory firms. Despite working at different firms, the two kept in touch over the years and always talked about working together again one day. Fast forward several years after meeting with multiple firms and doing their due diligence, and the two friends and former colleagues landed at Janney. Jesse joined in June 2017 to open the Firm’s Goldsboro, NC location, our fourth office in the state, followed by Jeff, who joined in August.

“Transitioning from an independent firm can be challenging, but the move to Janney was seamless,” said Jesse. “From the home office support to the superior technology and robust Wealth Management platform, it was apparent from the beginning that I had come to the right firm. I’m proud to represent Janney and look forward to building on the reputation and success of the Firm in the region.”

To celebrate the opening of the new office, clients, members of the community, and representatives from the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce were invited to attend an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony at the new office space. During the event, Jesse and Jeff presented a $5,000 check to the Foundation of Wayne Community College (WCC), a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to students attending WCC. “We wanted to show the community our new office, but also use the event as an opportunity to give back to a worthy organization,” said Jesse.

Jeff and Jesse have been involved with the Foundation of Wayne Community College for several years. From 2013–2017, Jeff and his daughter Meagan Bourgeois, an Account Executive in the Goldsboro office, served as co-chairs of the Foundation’s annual Scholarship Invitational. The Invitational, which Janney will sponsor along with other local businesses this upcoming June, includes a dinner auction and golf tournament. Last year’s event raised a record $184,000 through donations and sponsorships, with each dollar going to scholarships for WCC students. The total raised in the event’s 25-year history is more than $1.7 million, which has assisted more than 2,500 students with their educational expenses.

“I am extremely proud and honored to be involved in an organization that is changing the lives of so many young people in the community,” said Jeff. “I see what the funds do for the lives of students and it’s amazing to see how much of a difference these scholarships can make. We are helping deserving students and providing an opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them.”

Jeff remembers an inspiring and impactful speech delivered by scholarship recipient Candace Jones at the organization’s 24th Scholarship Invitational. In her speech, Candace described how receiving a scholarship from the Foundation changed the course of her life. After struggling to get through high school and having little resources and support, Candace felt like she was watching from the sidelines as her fellow classmates prepared for college and the next stage of their lives. That all changed the day she walked into the Foundation office and was offered a scholarship to WCC. “When you provide scholarships to students, you are not just simply donating money to a good cause, but rather you are inadvertently transforming and saving lives every single day. You gave me the resources to live a life that I never imagined would be possible for myself,” said Candace in her speech. Candace went on to earn a Master’s degree from Columbia University. With her degree in higher and post-secondary education from the Ivy League institution, she hopes to help other first-generation college students succeed. Today, she is working as the Development Assistant for the office of Development & Alumni Relations at Columbia University’s School of Nursing.

“Employees in the Goldsboro office give back to several community and charitable organizations in a number of ways,” said Jeff. “But Candace’s story demonstrates the impact that our efforts can have on the community and reminds us all of the importance of giving back.”

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