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Apr 9, 2018

Employee Spotlight: John Cortapasso

It’s not every day that you meet a Financial Advisor who is also a dedicated volunteer firefighter. But this is exactly how John "Cort" Cortapasso, CFP®, CRPC®, First Vice President / Investments, with Janney’s Garden City, NY location, has chosen to devote the past 25 years of his life.

He never felt passionate about becoming a firefighter. It was not a dream of his to risk his life to save others. He just felt that it was the right thing to do. When John, his wife of 35 years, JoEllen, and his three children who are now adults, Jessica, John Jr., and Jason, moved to a small town in Long Island, NY in the late 1980s, he felt the need to give back to this local community in a meaningful way.

“I joined the fire department because someone has to do it and I thought it was important for my community,” said John. “I realize that it’s not for everyone, but if I had to do it all over again I would make the exact same decision.”

John joined Janney as a Financial Advisor in 2010 after working independently throughout his career. Recently, his business has also become a family affair with his son John Jr. joining as an account executive. “John Jr. has a degree in economics and was interested in becoming a part of my business. He is also a certified chef and owned his own restaurant for years. Since he became a father, he was looking for a career that would allow him to have more stable hours than the restaurant industry,” John said. “It has been working out well, and he will train with me for the next few years.”

John enjoys his work as a Financial Advisor and the support that Janney has given him. “Janney is great because we don’t hear ‘no’ a lot. Janney helps me do whatever I need to make our clients happy,” he said. “I have the freedom to run my business how I want, but the Firm is always there to help me when I need it. I would have never fit in at the wirehouses, with being told what product to sell and when. Janney is different and the management has really been behind us.”

After completing a two-year term as Chief and serving as Chairman of the First Battalion Chiefs Association, one of nine battalions in Nassau County, NY, John is still an active firefighter. He has fought many fires over the years and continues to be available 24/7 to step up and risk his life to save the lives of others. John’s courageousness extended to his decision to join his fellow firefighters and other first responders at the World Trade Center after 9/11.

“My clients have really embraced me being a firefighter. I think they feel like if I’m willing to give back in that way, I’m worth them putting their trust in me. It has made them respect me more and regard me in a positive way,” said John.

John’s work and leadership as Chief of the Bellerose Fire Department has also benefited his work as an Advisor. “My time as Chief gave me good experience in building leadership skills and decision-making capabilities. Leading a Fire Department has transcended into my business. It has also given me a well-rounded life. In addition to the special bond I have with my fellow firefighters, I feel like I’ve achieved a meaningful life at home, at work, and for my community,” said John.

In addition to his work and significant community investment, John’s resume also includes more than a decade of coaching his boys in multiple sports. These days John focuses his spare time working on his golf game and he and his wife are enjoying their first grandchild.

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