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Mar 11, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Clare Schwemlein

There never seems to be enough hours in the day, which can make creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance challenging. However, some people seem to perfect this balance and reach a level of excellence and achievement that leave us intrigued as to how they do it all.

Clare Schwemlein, AWMA®, CEBS, CFP®, First Vice President / Wealth Management of the Schwemlein Group in Chillicothe, OH, is a great example of a woman who has achieved success in many facets of her life, and makes her hectic, jam-packed life look effortless. Clare has been a dedicated Financial Advisor with Janney for the past decade. She is a single mother of four children – a ten-year-old son Michael and eight-year-old triplets Joey, Alie, and Charlotte – a triathlete, and a contributing author to the Chillicothe Gazette where she submits monthly financial articles.

“I’m lucky to have a terrific staff who work closely with me and anyone who walks in the door. My business partner, John Schwemlein, always says ‘Do what’s right for the client and the rest will fall into place.’ That has guided me and it’s true,” said Clare. “I think it’s important to make the most of every day and maximize each hour. It has been very helpful for me to combine my social life with my work life.”

Clare developed a mothers’ group to network and build a strong support system. The women get together to socialize and discuss topics such as saving for their kid’s college education. Clare hosts the group in her office and combines meetings with "to-do" items such as wrapping Christmas gifts together each holiday season.

“Women talk and share in a very specific way. After meeting so many great women at my kids’ preschool, I decided to get the group together. It was fun and productive and they began to invite their friends and the group grew,” said Clare. “The group has grown through word of mouth and has been a successful way for me to generate new relationships and referrals.” Clare has also created a female-focused lunchtime seminar series to speak with women about financial topics that interest them, which has been expanded to all topics for both men and women due to their popularity.

Clare likes to stay active and manages her stress most mornings at 5:00 AM when she joins her running group for their daily run. Clare said, “When people learn that I’m a committed runner, they think ‘if she can do all this with her business and kids – she is someone worth putting our faith in.’ I think it increases my credibility.”

Clare values her education and certifications, sharing how they have set her apart in the industry. “For a long time, only one other person in my county had the CFP® certification,” she said. “My education has differentiated me.” She earned a B.A. from Marquette University and has extensive experience in Human Resources, which has provided her with a strong set of diverse strengths, including benefits and management consulting.

Clare also incorporates her love for running into her business. The Schwemlein Group of Janney Montgomery Scott sponsors several local runs in her local community, which increases her business’s name recognition and allows her to meet new people and potential clients.

Clare’s dedication to running has driven her to finish four half marathons and four 15K "Hot Chocolate" runs in her local community. In October 2017, she gave it her all when competing in her first triathlon, bringing home the first place prize – in all age groups for both men and women. Two of her children, Michael and Charlotte, have also caught the running bug, joining Clare on many 5K runs.

Through all of her accomplishments, Clare remains focused and stresses her gratitude for Janney and the people around her who support her every day.

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